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CORA Digital Maturity Check

The aim of the maturity analysis model is to provide a simple, intuitive yet comprehensive tool for small municipalities and rural areas. The maturity check enables to get a quick overview of the digital readiness and helps to identify priority areas, in which further investments and development is critical. It takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.
The maturity model captures the four general dimensions of digitalization Strategy, Technology, Organization and Competencies. Each dimension contains three criteria which serve as a headline for a question (see Table below).


Illustration 1 - Four dimensions and in total 12 criteria

The CORA maturity model does not test the quality of the implementation of digitalization measures. Instead, it captures the stage of progression in which the implementation of a criterion is located.

  • No Acitivity: The municipality has not taken any active role in the specific field of action.
  • Plan: Single meetings for the conception and planning of the topic have taken place. Probably the plan is developed and responsibilities have been defined.
  • Do: The municipality is implementing the planned activities. Possibly the activities do already have a positive impact on the municipality.
  • Control: The activities have been implemented and are ongoing. The municipality actively collects information and feedback for improvements.
  • Act: Plan, Do and Control have been fulfilled. The municipality uses the collected information/ feedback to start a new planning process. Activities are being improved.

Illustration 2 - The PDCA-Cycle

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